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I’ve been writing professionally for over two decades. You can find my work in magazines, newsp20150721_143014-e1437714812714-169x300apers, websites , literary reviews and anthologies and in my two novels and one book of non-fiction.

I currently serve as director of Cobb Life Magazine and Cobb Business Journal, two publications in north Atlanta.  I also have other clients and projects I work with on a regular basis throughout the nation and provide a variety of services including marketing, content development and social media consulting. Below are several of my clients. You can reach me direct at

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I am a writer, journalist and musician who lives south of metro Atlanta in Red Clay Country. My writing has been published in dozens of newspapers and magazines reaching up to half a million readers a week. I’ve also had my work published in literary reviews, business publications and on various websites. Music is another passion of mine and I enjoy playing, writing and performing in various genres. I am a husband and a father of two boys, one with special needs. I hail from all over the South, having lived in 15 cities, but spending most of my life in cities across Georgia and North Carolina. I am a Preacher’s Son, which might explain my banjaxed actions and odd views on life. I’ve been called a Southern apologist, an SEC football fanatic, an Irish literature promoter and a recovering atheist. (Now, you are probably thoroughly confused, but, hey that’s okay, I am too, most of the time) As Brendan Behan said, I enjoy anything “which makes the roads safer, the beer stronger, the food cheaper and the old men and old women warmer in the winter and happier in the summer.” You can discover more about my life in the blog section.

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