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These days, I rarely perform in public and enjoy working in the studio where I serve as chief producer of The Music of Mark Wallace Maguire, a project that encompasses various bands and musical projects I created. In my role, I serve as the visionary, chief composer and songwriter and  guitarist and bassist. Below are links to projects that have dropped since 2013. All the music is on itunes, amazon, youtube and soundcloud. My music has also appeared in indie film, commercials and multi-media projects.

art silent final


‘Art from the Silent’ by Maguire & Meador was released in January 2016. Each piece of music is based on themes and characters from the book, “Out of the Silent Planet” by C.S Lewis. This is an instrumental project aimed at creating a multi-media experience. It has been described as, ‘space rock,’ ‘ambient’ ‘psychedelic’ and ‘trance.’ This CD is a joint effort of myself and Clint Meador and we both play various instruments and roles that you can read about on our band page official CD page. This is the second CD of the planned trilogy of CDs inspired by C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy. Here is a link to the song, Ransom Walks. Due to time and space constraints, this was recorded over a seven year period at locations in Smyrna, Ga. and Fayette County, Ga. Maguire & Meador’s work has also been featured in the film, ‘Tears of Bankers’ which screened nationwide.



This CD is a compendium of Southern Americana music featuring Jami Maguire and Adam Chesney on vocals and yours truly on guitars, bass and drums. It was recorded during a two year period at four locations throughout middle Georgia, northwest Ga. and northeast Alabama. Here is the link to the official music page: Red Clay Country


THE MUSIC OF MARK WALLACE MAGUIRE presents in green seas, under copper skies: Music inspired by C.S. Lewis’s ‘Perelandra’ Perhaps the longest title in history of a CD, this project is part of the Space Trilogy musical project. It is an instrumental CD with each piece tying into a character or scene. It has been described as “experimental,” “space rock,” “soundtrack” and, even just plain weird for some. I’ve written a small piece explaining the idea behind this adventure on the page below.

in green seas, under copper skies page

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  1. Michael Maguire

    Hello Mark, I live in Maguire’s County (Fermanagh,Ireland). I am an ordinary member of The Friends of Fermanagh County Museum at the Maguire Castle in Enniskillen,Fermanagh ( Have you visited it ?

    1. Mark Maguire

      Michael, thanks for reaching out! I have been to Fermanagh and driven through it, visited the castle briefly – the exterior as it was closed for an event – and went to Maguire’s Bridge. Can you shoot me your email so we can catch up? All the best, MWM


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