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Founded by Mark Wallace Maguire in 2005, MWM Communications LLC is a full-service creative agency specializing in copy writing, marketing, visual design, publishing and consulting. Our work has been featured in dozens of magazines, websites, newspapers and for several companies. You can surf around the site here to get a more in-depth feel of who we are and what we do. The company is overseen by Maguire, a 20-year veteran in communications. You can find out more about him here. Need a great writer? Interested in producing a solid logo to stand out from your competitors? Just shoot us a line at markwallacemaguire@gmail.com.




Professional Writing

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I’ve been writing professionally for over two decades, but I’m far from a one-dimensional journalist. I’ve written business, award-winning magazine columns, B2B pieces and three books. You can find my work in magazines, newsp20150721_143014-e1437714812714-169x300apers, websites , literary reviews and anthologies and in my three  novels and one book of non-fiction.

From 1998 to 2017, I worked as a journalist in metro Atlanta and, most recently, served as director of Cobb Life Magazine and Cobb Business Journal, two publications I helped launch in north Atlanta.  Below are some of the publications where my work has been featured. Interested in learning more?  You can reach me direct at markwallacemaguire@gmail.com.


The Books


“Mark Wallace Maguire takes back the authorial intent, tells a story like a man excited about it, and his humility in the truth of these facts is honorable. In the Mark Wallace Maguire uses dialogue-driven plotlines to naturally unfold twists and dark alleys without cryptic references or excessive force. You hear the mood in music prose rarely conveys. This is sharp skill married to a detective’s cynicism, and topped off with enough chaos to keep you close. You cannot kill a good story.” – Clifford Brooks, Pulitzer Prize nominee. Author of The Draw of Broken Eyes and Whirling Metaphysics and Athena Departs. 

“Mark Wallace Maguire not only writes a great story – I couldn’t put it down over three days – but he writes a story that never scientifically walks away from the reader. Everyone can enjoy this story and keep up with what’s going on around O’Neal. I applaud Maguire, too, because of his attention to detail. He did a phenomenal job with his research.” – Scott Douglas Vaughn, author, “Brookwood Road” and “Elm Street”

2017 Finalist for Independent Author of The Year

2017 Georgia Author of The Year nominee

“I cannot thank you enough for giving me an opportunity to read your creation and becoming a part of this world!” – PS I LOVE THAT BOOK

“It was written very, very, well. The characters are deep and well laid out. The storyline is fascinating and told a magical and dangerous tale.” – BOUNDLESS BOOK REVIEWS

The Alexandria Rising Chronicles began with the first novel, Alexandria Rising published in October 2016, then was followed with Alexandria Reborn in August 2017 and Alexandria Redeemed in February 2018.

The series has received high acclaim throughout the nation and abroad with sales in over ten countries. The books also earned the honors of Independent Author of the Year Finalist and Georgia Author of The Year nominee.

I appear at numerous signings and readings throughout the year. If you are interested in hosting me, please reach out.

You can find out more at www.alexandriarising.com and on amazon.

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“Letters from Red Clay Country,”  is a selection of more than 20 of my most-loved columns and essays on Southern culture that were published in newspapers and magazines throughout a 10-year period. This collection includes award-winning columns about faith, fatherhood, football and family and has been described as, “A love letter to Southern culture and a reminder that there is much more to it than rednecks and rebels.”

You can purchase it at select shops in the metro ATL and here on  amazon

‘All in all a marvelous compilation’ – Joseph E. Dabney, author of Mountain Spirits and James Beard Cookbook of the Year Award winner Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread, and Scuppernong Wine.

‘Its brilliance is in its brevity and ability to touch the heart’-  Allen Bell, author, cultural omnivore, and Arts Education Manager at Georgia Council for the Arts



Marketing and Design

Developing a successful marketing campaign is like telling a good story. You need not only compelling content, but also dynamic design, video social media applications to tie it all in together.  I’ve developed and launched dozens of marketing campaigns through the years by creating all of these platforms.  I can tell a great story about your brand, create the visual imagery through design and photography and even implement social media and video applications. Below are a few of the companies and groups I’ve worked with on their marketing.

And  here are a few of my favorite designs. 

Press & Reviews

From C.S. Lewis to Business to my novels, I’ve been interviewed in publications and on podcasts across the globe. Here are some recent excerpts.

>>> Profile on me, my work and thoughts on literature in Blue Mountain Review  

>>> Speculative Fiction Cantina interview.

>>> Interviewed about The Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewis on All About Jack podcast.                                                                                                                             >>> Interview on Atlanta Business Radio X on business and team building.                                                                                                                                 >>> Interviewed by Mitch Leff on Atlanta Daybook.                                            >>> Feature on Alexandria Reborn in The Marietta Daily Journal.

>>>Feature in Fayette Citizen on  Georgia Author of The Year nomination.

>>>”I  would highly recommend this book for anyone who likes adventure and mystery books! – P.S. I LOVE THAT BOOK

>>>”It was written very, very, well. The characters are deep and well laid out. The storyline is fascinating and told a magical and dangerous tale…. It was suspenseful and full of mystery and intrigue. It kept me on the edge of my seat.” – Boundless Book Reviews

>>>Q and A in the Marietta Daily Journal on ‘Alexandria Rising’

>>>Feature article in The Fayette Citizen newspaper

>>> Interview on ‘Are you Afraid of The Dark’

>>> Special character interview on ‘Are you Afraid of The Dark’

The Music

After performing and writing semi-professionally through the 90s, I am now happily retired to the studio where I serve as chief producer of The Music of Mark Wallace Maguire, a project that encompasses various bands and musical projects. In my role, I serve as the visionary, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Below are links to projects that have dropped since 2013. All the music is on itunes, amazon, youtube, soundcloud and Spotify. My music has also appeared in indie film, commercials and multi-media projects.


What is Alexandria Rising Rhythms? 

>>>It is instrumental music inspired by the novel Alexandria Rising.

>>> It is a unique album as it was written, recorded and mixed in four cities  spanning thousands of miles apart during a 10-month span.

>>>It has drawn comparisons to soundtrack music, ambient music and psychedelic rock and broke new ground in the creative recording process.

>>> It is available on all streaming services, iTunes, amazon and such and for purchase here.

So who are the people behind the names? Here is a quick look: Mark Wallace Maguire – guitars, bass, synthesizers.

Clint J. Meador – drums, synthesizers, mixing and mastering. Glen Denig – bass.   Allen Bell- synthesizers.

So, let’s get back to the origins of the process. Why make a music companion to the book? How did this evolve? What was the recording process like? Maguire dreamt up the idea of a musical companion to the book in Winter 2017 and began testing the waters to see if anyone was interested. He had released two musical projects inspired by books before, including the lauded, ‘Art from the Silent Planet’ music inspired by C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy with the aforementioned Meador in 2015.

Maguire & Meador had also worked produced music for the podcast, ‘200 Seconds in Hell with C.S. Lewis’ and as part of the score for the indie film, ‘Tears of Bankers.’Maguire calls Meador, “a wizard in the studio and the true backbone of Alexandria Rising Rhythms.”

Denig and Maguire had written and performed in bands and ensembles throughout the 1990s, in particular, the mercurial power trio, Green Tea Knives that toured in the Carolinas and Georgia in 1992 and 1993 and received airplay on various college radio stations.  Denig has played with every type of ensemble, band and choir imaginable and has been dubbed, “the world’s best unknown bass player” by many, including Maguire.

Bell has been a regular on the music scene throughout the Southeast in an informal role and, formally, as an arts administrator on many state and federal levels. Bell has a good ear and was able to contribute more than his opinions to this project when he played synthesizer during a session recorded in Ellijay, Georgia in June 2017.


art silent final


‘Art from the Silent’ by Maguire & Meador was released in January 2016. Each piece of music is based on themes and characters from the book, “Out of the Silent Planet” by C.S Lewis. This is an instrumental project aimed at creating a multi-media experience. It has been described as, ‘space rock,’ ‘ambient’ ‘psychedelic’ and ‘trance.’ This CD is a joint effort of myself and Clint Meador and we both play various instruments and roles that you can read about on our band page official CD page. This is the second CD of the planned trilogy of CDs inspired by C.S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy. Here is a link to the song, Ransom Walks. Due to time and space constraints, this was recorded over a seven year period at locations in Smyrna, Ga. and Fayette County, Ga. Maguire & Meador’s work has also been featured in the film, ‘Tears of Bankers’ which screened nationwide.



This CD is a compendium of Southern Americana music featuring Jami Maguire and Adam Chesney on vocals and yours truly on guitars, bass and drums. It was recorded during a two year period at four locations throughout middle Georgia, northwest Ga. and northeast Alabama. Here is the link to the official music page: Red Clay Country


THE MUSIC OF MARK WALLACE MAGUIRE presents in green seas, under copper skies: Music inspired by C.S. Lewis’s ‘Perelandra’ Perhaps the longest title in history of a CD, this project is part of the Space Trilogy musical project. It is an instrumental CD with each piece tying into a character or scene. It has been described as “experimental,” “space rock,” “soundtrack” and, even just plain weird for some. I’ve written a small piece explaining the idea behind this adventure on the page below.

in green seas, under copper skies page

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